Newmarket Citizens Band at the Toronto Exhibition in 1936 when Orville Ganton was Bandmaster

Newmarket Old Boys’ Reunion 1939

Earliest records of the Newmarket Citizens’ Band are 1870. About 1885 a complete set of new instruments was brought out from England. Mr. Tom McDonald was the leader and Mr. E. S. Cane, secretary at that time. For several summers they used to play one evening a week at the different school grounds, carrying with them coal oil torches on poles for light to see their music.

At one time a band stand was built where Dr. Dales’ residence is now located.

One of the earliest bands had a very swell uniform. Frock coats, wide rim soft felt hats with large white Ostrich feather on top as shewn in some of the photos to be seen in town.

One winter Capt. John Slater of the 48th Highlanders came up one evening a week as instructor which was a great help in bringing the band along.

The following is a list of some of the Band Leaders we have had, and there were likely others whose names are forgotten: Mr. Bishop, Mr. Ed. Hunt, Mr. Albert Chantler, Mr. Ed. Coates, Mr. J. D. Graham, Mr. Tom McDonald, Mr. H. Hawthorn, Mr. Jas. Napier, Mr. Jack Querrie, Mr. Bert Ratcliffe, Mr. Allie Townley, Mr. Paul Arlitt, Mr. Orville Ganton.

The present band consists of thirty members, with Robert Moore as bandmaster. Mr. Moore was senior bandmaster overseas in the World War, and was also bandmaster of Col. J. A. W. Allan’s 20th battalion band.