A statue of the band assembled under a large elm, known as the trading tree, in 1883

The Newmarket Citizens Band Under the Trading Tree

NEWMARKET – This sculpture depicts the Newmarket Citizens Band assembled beneath the big elm in 1883. This tree is also referred to as the “trading tree”. It is believed that the original inhabitants of the area used the location of the trading tree to conduct commerce with the European settlers. A tree has been planted on the original site of the trading tree on Timothy Street just west of Main Street.

The Newmarket Citizens Band was first formed in 1872. It has the distinction of being the oldest band in Canada having been in continuous existence since 1872. On May 6, 2000 we are honored to have the Newmarket Citizens Band performing at our opening ceremonies for the Newmarket Municipal Offices.

This sculpture was created by Lynda Baird in 1988 who was successful in a competition to provide art for the new municipal office facilities. The tree is constructed of canvas dipped in plaster. The figures of the band members are constructed of canvas over foam padding and mounted on wood. The instruments are constructed of mylar mounted on plastic.

The sculpture can be found in the main entrance of the Town of Newmarket Offices on Mulock Drive.